Little Bird Books was formed 2017 when Saga Press made the decision to expand its children’s line. We formed the company to take on an ever expanding collection of books and authors. As moms we know that getting kids to read is sometimes harder than it should be. Finding new and exciting books is difficult. With our years of writing and background in teaching, we focus on titles that actually appeal to children.

Our Focus

To provide quality books that inspire, create and educate kids and kids at heart. We seek out illustrators and authors that believe in the principals of inclusion, acceptance and positive story telling.

Our Titles

We carry both spiritual (pagan and heathen based) and non-spiritual books. Our focus is on mainstream fiction, fantasy, fairy and folktales as well as science fiction, LGTBQ+, anti-bullying, and more. We are open to all writers that believe in giving children books that speak to them in words that they will understand.

Our Dedication

We are focused on finding the best people to craft stories that support all children of all abilities. We are working on establishing partnerships with organizations that support and help convert text to  braille and that conform to various learning challenges. We welcome both first time authors and seasoned writers to submit books for us to review. For more information on what we look for, and the themes we are currently seeking, SEE our SUBMISSION section. To apply to come and work here as a freelancer, SEE our JOB OPENINGS section.