Little Bird Books was formed 2017 when Saga Press made the decision to expand its children’s line. We formed the company to take on an ever expanding collection of books and authors. In 2018, the company added a plan to provide an online writing program that will teach children how to write their own books and improve writing skills.

Published Works

Our titles are produced with an exceptional eye to detail. Our team is dedicated to a transparent process with our authors. We walk through the steps of publishing by showing the author the progress every step of the way. Our illustrators provide a final touch to our art; granting magical worlds, compelling characters, detailed objects and more, creating a complete vision that lifts the words off the page and into the imagination of our readers.

We are open for submission to any genre, as long as it is geared for children. No adult content, no coarse language, nudity, racism, hatred or bigotry of any kind. We support the LGTBQ community, and welcome all authors who are writing themes within the rainbow. Send in your submissions to our Submission Department to find out more

Writing Programs

In early 2018, during a board meeting, we were talking about the importance of writing. Having attended a few schools in a teaching capacity, we knew we could make an impact on children’s lives. We began work on a writing program that will take place online for tween’s and teens ages 13+ and then expand to in-person workshops for younger children. The program will focus on:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Syntax
  • Dialogue and Quotes
  • Research and Citation
  • and much more.